Careers and stakeholders

The Master's degree in Quantitative Biology provides employment opportunities in research institutes and industry in the areas of bio-nano-technologies, bio-pharmaceutical research, and in the development of high-tech research instrumentation.

- Primary duties of a graduate in QB can range from analyze and optimize pre/clinical trials and predict outcomes using modeling and simulation, integration and interpretation of data from many sources to help drive project decisions, apply molecular modeling and computer aided drug design techniques, basic use and maintenance of laboratory instrumentation, literature review.

- Skills: Autonomy, precision, ability to synthesize, problem solving through modeling and simulation, goal-orientation and excellent predisposition to work in team, good/excellent level of written and spoken English, good direct intervention capacity on the instrumentation on both, the hardware and the software of the instrument.

- The graduate in QB can be hired as junior research scientist, product scientist, junior research project manager, scientific application specialist, scientific equipment services specialist.

Employment statistics (Almalaurea)

The programme interacts with local, national and international stakeholders, such as professional organizations, manufacturing companies and service providers.